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April 2014

Quick tips: Automatically adding PDF preview in WordPress

In one of ours latest project I needed to add PDF preview automatically every time when there is link to PDF file in page content.

Firstly I installed great plugin for PDF file preview. It’s allow me to generate preview window base on wordpress shortcode.

One problem left was that it won’t happen automatically. To achieve this I needed to use wordpress filter in my functions.php file.

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Quick tips: Unlocking polish letter “ś” in Umbraco CMS admin panel

At the beginning I want to ask you: have you ever heard of / have used Umbraco CMS (leave us a comment!)? We have 🙂 And we love the simplicity and posibilities for .NET developers inside that content management system. We developed couple less and more complex systems using Umbraco. Some of them were based only on clear installation of Umbraco and couple of hours with configurating it inside administration panel, but some of them were extended by custom controls, modules and libraries. We use Umbraco to provide simple and fast administration for our mobile apps and many many more. I wish and hope that we will find the time to describe a lot of these examples in this blog in the future 🙂 Continue reading…