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February 2015

Getting started with Umbraco 7 and StructureMap v3

Lately I was experimenting a little bit with Umbraco 7 and Hybrid Framework by Jeroen Breuer. It’s a great Umbraco extension, definitely worth checking. One thing I missed was some Dependency Injection (DI) container to inject custom data repositories into WebApi Controllers.  After some reaserch I decided to give a chance to StructureMap.

Although code in this example is written based on StructureMap syntax, the general way of inserting IoC/DI containers into Umbraco project should be very similar for other containers like Autofac, Ninject or Unity.

In next steps I will show how to make StructureMap works with Umbraco 7 from very empty project. The solution structure will be similar to Hybrid Framework so you could also use it as starting point. Continue reading…

Umbraco (community) in Poland

Exactly ten years ago in a small office in Copenhagen, Denmark Niels Hartvig, Anders Pollas and Kasper Bumbech released the first open source version of Umbraco. In this post I want to bring you some SICC history with Umbraco CMS, describe our perspective to Umbraco and Umbraco community in Poland and share our thoughts and wishes to be continued during this year. Grab some coffee and leave your comments if you have something to say in this topic 🙂 Continue reading…