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After hours

Our part at Devoxx4kids 2016 conference in Poznań, Poland

Many of you may not know, but besides writing code we also love to share our knowledge. In 2015 we became the Knowledge Partner at WOW School ( – programming and business school for kids running in Warsaw (so far, more info later). Our responsibility is to provide the best educational programme for children between 8-16 years and deliver it for some groups too (mostly as a beta-tests of our convictions). Last weekend we took part in international initiative Devoxx4kids – programming conference for kids (SICK!) and I want to share some thoughts after this awesome event.

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Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched

I’ve started the celebration too early. Unfortunately connection between a Raspberry Pi and my mac stopped working. I was looking for a reason for several hours and tried almost every possible configuration. I am lucky because when I was a kid, I used to use linux as my operating system, so white letters on black background hadn’t scared me off 😉

To make things working again I had to turn off the dhcpcd on a R-Pi and set everything with the static values. That was the first step. After making the boards connected I couldn’t reach any outside-local-network servers – that was a problem related to DNS. I was setting everything up using this instruction:  but one thing was missing. The blog post might be a little outdated and some things in  the Raspbian may have changed – my resolv.conf (responsible for resolving hostnames) was empty. I had to add a  DNS related line in  my /etc/networking/interfaces file:

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

Now my raspberry Pi has an internet connection and I can finally start some serious programming 😉
See you soon!

ps. Connecting Raspberry Pi with an ethernet cable to a Mac is not a piece of cake 😉

#SICConTour – Umbraco UK Festival 2015

It’s the first blog post from our series named #SICConTour. We will be posting summaries of our business & (mostly!) pleasure trips related to what we love and do in SICC. The event which will be definitely recurring each year is the Umbraco UK Festival we attended last week in London. Why? Because priest said so? 🙂 No, because community matters and now we are more than sure about it. Such a shame that we missed it a year ago…

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DIY Ikea Standing Desk for less than 30 USD (120 PLN)

I promised Pawel that I will switch to standing desk after his positive feedback afterwards couple months of his “standing journey”. And more than year from that moment – here we are!  I’m writing this post for the first time STANDING in front of my computer & monitor 🙂 It’s totally strange for now, but I hope that this switch will go smooth and painless (my heels hurt me already ehhh).

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Trainings and education March

Wow, time has been flying lately! We have so many things to announce that I decided to grab them all together and write something about our last, but not least, activities in March. Hope that you will enjoy them as much as we are.

One of our goals for 2015 was to split our work between development and performing trainings & presentations. To find a way (and time!) to get off from computers and meet some like-minded people and spread our love to programming with them. This goal for the moment is realised really well and we hope that it will be continued in the rest of the year.

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