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DIY Ikea Standing Desk for less than 30 USD (120 PLN)

DIY Ikea Standing Desk for less than 30 USD (120 PLN)

I promised Pawel that I will switch to standing desk after his positive feedback afterwards couple months of his “standing journey”. And more than year from that moment – here we are!  I’m writing this post for the first time STANDING in front of my computer & monitor 🙂 It’s totally strange for now, but I hope that this switch will go smooth and painless (my heels hurt me already ehhh).


There is a lot of materials with specific ergonomics instructions and descriptions about proper position, usage and all the other stuff around work behaviour in front of desks. I won’t be bringing any of them. As always, in my opinion, life is the best source of feedback. Personally, I didn’t have any health problems with my back (hope to not have them in the future also!), but my co-owner – Pawel – had a lot of troubles with spine caused probably by long hours spended in front of computer. We always tried to keep the ergonomics, even when we have worked sitting across the ping-pong table in our first office at Pawel’s basement. #truestory 🙂 Some day we heard about standing desks and Pawel decided to give it a try and really measure on himself if it’s really helping with all the issues as described in almost each review of standing desk.

Our first construction looked like this:

Standing ovation for our construction, please 😀 #diy #work #office #sicc #ergonomics

Zdjęcie zamieszczone przez użytkownika SICC (@siccpl)

You must admit – nice and professional work! Of course all ergonomics facts were covered 🙂


After couple months Pawel decided to built a more permanent solution, so the v2 looks now like this:



I decided to build my own construction to test it out on myself. I was inspired by many solutions described online, but also I wanted to do something unusual and more fitted to my expectations (2nd monitor for example). I also want to point that I’m not “Bob the builder” type of guy, so if I managed to complete this work, I’m sure that everyone is able to do this 🙂

I was limited by space in our rented apartment and I also didn’t wanted to getting rid of our “romantic dinners” table which I used as my desk normally and now wanted to also have it “somewhere” on place 🙂

My shopping & “necessary” list:
1 x Ikea LACK side table — $9.99 / 29,99 PLN
1 x Ikea LACK wall shelf — $6.99 / 24,99 PLN
2 x Ikea EKBY VALTER bracket — $3.00 / 6 PLN per pc.
1 x Ikea BILLY Extra shelf — $10.00 / 25 PLN
– Screws, borrowed cordless screewdriver, couple beers

I started with brackets and book shelf. LACK book shelf was my custom idea to handle my second screen. 55 CM was totally not enought to place a laptop holder and second screen. The shelf have 26 CM width and 30 CM lenght and ideally fits design as it is the same line of products as my “desk base”. At the beggining I also was thinking about securing this shelf with additional, aluminium plate underneath the shelf, but it seems to doing a job very well and Ikea says that it could hold up to 30 KG. Still – design first! No additional wholes / plates / colours / items 🙂

The last step was to screw on the keyboard and mouse holder. Of course before that I measured desired and recommended height according to ergonomics specification for my height. Everyone should choose the perfect option for himself. It could be easily adjusted with just two screws holding single bracket.

Thanks to my wife I also finished with non skid pads under each leg. I used her wedding backup heels gel pads like this one:


I cutted them in half and glued under each table leg. It works perfect! 🙂


A great summary will be the fact that my heels already are causing a lot of pain and I’m (“still”) standing since couple hours only. It will be a long road probably, but I hope that worth of it! I promise to write back after 30 days from now with some more thoughts, observations and hopefully conclusions.