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#SICConTour – Umbraco UK Festival 2015

It’s the first blog post from our series named #SICConTour. We will be posting summaries of our business & (mostly!) pleasure trips related to what we love and do in SICC. The event which will be definitely recurring each year is the Umbraco UK Festival we attended last week in London. Why? Because priest said so? 🙂 No, because community matters and now we are more than sure about it. Such a shame that we missed it a year ago…

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Trainings and education March

Wow, time has been flying lately! We have so many things to announce that I decided to grab them all together and write something about our last, but not least, activities in March. Hope that you will enjoy them as much as we are.

One of our goals for 2015 was to split our work between development and performing trainings & presentations. To find a way (and time!) to get off from computers and meet some like-minded people and spread our love to programming with them. This goal for the moment is realised really well and we hope that it will be continued in the rest of the year.

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Getting started with Umbraco 7 and StructureMap v3

Lately I was experimenting a little bit with Umbraco 7 and Hybrid Framework by Jeroen Breuer. It’s a great Umbraco extension, definitely worth checking. One thing I missed was some Dependency Injection (DI) container to inject custom data repositories into WebApi Controllers.  After some reaserch I decided to give a chance to StructureMap.

Although code in this example is written based on StructureMap syntax, the general way of inserting IoC/DI containers into Umbraco project should be very similar for other containers like Autofac, Ninject or Unity.

In next steps I will show how to make StructureMap works with Umbraco 7 from very empty project. The solution structure will be similar to Hybrid Framework so you could also use it as starting point. Continue reading…

Quick tips: Unlocking polish letter “ś” in Umbraco CMS admin panel

At the beginning I want to ask you: have you ever heard of / have used Umbraco CMS (leave us a comment!)? We have 🙂 And we love the simplicity and posibilities for .NET developers inside that content management system. We developed couple less and more complex systems using Umbraco. Some of them were based only on clear installation of Umbraco and couple of hours with configurating it inside administration panel, but some of them were extended by custom controls, modules and libraries. We use Umbraco to provide simple and fast administration for our mobile apps and many many more. I wish and hope that we will find the time to describe a lot of these examples in this blog in the future 🙂 Continue reading…