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What is SICC ?

What is SICC ?

No, we are not professional snowboarders – although we’ve got some skills 😉 Honestly, it’s really hard to tell what actually SICC is. From formal point, we are IT company based in Poland. In march we will be celebrating our first year of existence.It was really busy year, we were making websites, mobile apps, backend, frontend, conference prelections, IT courses for programmers and many more. So what is SICC? Definetly is passion and trully love for modern technologies. In everyday life we are not working, we just do what we would do even if we weren’t paid for.


What we can tell for sure is that we are friends who share the same enthusiasm and point of view in context of taking our life and career in our own hands. Our main focus is to build a team of people who can face even extremally dificult projects and still have fun of it.


From the very begining of SICC we were thinking of creating this blog. We love to teach and share our knowledge, as well as learn new things and points of perspective. And this is the main purpose of Feel free to comment and share your thoughts with us. We will be writing in a variety of topics. In “Pure IT” we will focuse mainly on web design and mobile apps. You can find there posts about JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, UX, .Net, Android, iOS and many many more. As you can guess it’s not place for non-tech people, although ofcourse everyone is welcome 🙂


On the other hand, in “Polish your business” we will be posting about things we learned carrying on our own company as well as things that inspire and motivate us. You can find there real life cases, books reviews, inspirational movies and informations about people who you should be familiar with if you are going to build your business. We also left some space for things that are more or less connected with SICC as a brand, our projects and our personal stuff. You can find it in sectins “Around SICC” and “After hours“.


So one more time, welcome to our blog 🙂